Tip #5 -- Increase Your Water Intake

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Water is a vital component to life. No living being can survive without a fresh supply of pure water each and every day. If you do not consume enough water each day, your body will age faster, appear fatter, be more susceptible to germs, illness and stress, lose joint mobility, and much more. Do you often feel tired, run down or confused? Even mild dehydration can cause hazy short-term memory, difficulty concentrating and staying focused, and daytime fatigue. In fact, it’s estimated that 75% of Americans have mild, but chronic dehydration, which is one of the most frequent and common causes of daytime fatigue. Most people who weigh less than 150 pounds require no less than 8-10 cups per day; those who weigh 150 pounds or more require 10-16 cups per day. You’ve heard this before, but now it’s time to implement what you know. Try starting small, add an extra glass of water with breakfast each morning this week. Next week add an extra glass with lunch.


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