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Thursday, May 27, 2010

There's something so idyllic about cloth diapers hanging out to dry on a sunny day. It just seems so natural and pure. It almost makes me forget that those are the same cloth diapers that I have to squirt poop off of on a daily basis. I don't really love rinsing poop off of diapers. Then again, I don't love changing diapers at all, but since babies don't come potty trained, I guess I'm stuck doing it for now.

With a little more research, I learned that every single disposable diaper ever made is still in existence filling up our landfills and polluting our Earth. They don't biodegrade. They will still be here long after even our children's children. 

Right around this time, I got pregnant with baby number two and I realized that we would be spending double to diaper two babies. We were already spending about $70 a month on disposable diapers and wipes for one baby. The thought of spending $140 plus to diaper two babies was the kicker for me. 

I remembered the cloth diapers, pins, and plastic pants that my own mom used for my siblings, so I was pleasantly surprised to see just how far cloth diapers have come!  At first I was overwhelmed by all the cloth diapering options out there, but I was fortunate to meet a local mama and cloth diaper retailer. Christy with Gorgeous and Green helped me get started.  

Now, I'm proud to be a cloth-diapering mom!  I don't cloth diaper 100% of the time (Kudos to all those parents who do!!!), but every time I put a cloth diaper on one of my girls, I feel good knowing that it's one less disposable diaper I had to buy, one less diaper going in a landfill for eternity, and one less time that my baby was exposed to the toxins in disposable diapers.  Plus, babies look so adorable in cloth!


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